Venture Capital


  • Focus on late-seed and Series A stage companies, however could consider seed investments in areas of our sector expertise or with co-investors we know.
  • The sweet spot is business-to-business software-as-a-service solutions, however, we also invest in compelling business-to-consumer applications.
  • Our focus is on software or software enabled companies, but we could also consider “software-first” hardware businesses.
  • Initial check size of US$0.5-4m, following up to US$15m over the life of our investment.
  • We are seeking 10-20% stakes with Board roles to enable our value-add.
  • We are sector and business model agnostic.

Investment criteria

  • A team of expert founders having achieved good initial traction (US$50-200k MRR) and tackling a sizable problem.
  • Compelling product with sticky customers and low/negative churn.
  • Business models with solid economics and LTV/CACs above 3x.
  • Scalable sales/marketing channels, either inbound or outbound.
  • First-mover or other lasting competitive advantage.
  • Time horizon to potential exit is not a major consideration.

Investment process

  • We like meeting companies early on in their development. Even at that stage before we invest, we could be helpful with our network or professional advice.
  • We apply a structured analytical approach to evaluating the company. We are always interested in learning more about financial and operating metrics.
  • Our investment terms are company friendly and could be tailored to particular needs and situations.
  • Post term sheet signing we have a standardised due diligence process across main business areas – business, tech/intellectual property, finance, legal, tax, and others.
  • From term sheet signing to closing a transaction the process can take one or two months depending on the speed of the company in assisting in the due diligence process.
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