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Join our live event to learn more! 

December 8, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT


We cordially invite you to a series of online discussions on key investment trends. 
 During the webinars, experts from the VC world will discuss the most interesting SAAS topics, and forecasts for the future. 


During the webinars, selected startups will present their product to the VCs, who will participate in the meeting. It will be an excellent opportunity to talk to specialists and get valuable feedback.

Why to attend the webinars?

Global access

All our webinars are live-streamed online, and access is free of charge. If you haven’t had time to watch it live, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel

Top-quality speakers

Get ready for new ideas and groundbreaking insights – we carefully selected our speakers intending to bring truly innovative and disruptive ideas to the table

Be part of the conversation

Live Q&As and in-session chat – we want webinar participants to be able to participate actively and ask questions in the discussion


Why do startups thrive in slower economies?

How can startups take advantage of opportunities brought by the current environment?

How do you make strategic and tactical decisions in a volatile environment? 

Why should entrepreneurs run their businesses like a Cockroach? 


VC support for compliance technology: key drivers and challenges

What’s fueling the tremendous growth of compliance technology?

What do leading VCs see as significant shifts in the industry?

What type of solutions do they invest in the most?