Our DNA and Values


Our DNA is a mix of strong financial analysis and deal making capabilities from our team’s extensive investment banking and private equity experience. This DNA manifests itself as follows:

  • We invest based on facts and rigorous analysis of the company’s data
  • We use a proprietary scoring system for startups
  • We structure our portfolio companies for optimal business results
  • We make multiple follow-on investments in our winners
  • We help all our portfolio companies make the most out of challenging situations
  • We co-invest with investors in and outside our network
  • We contribute significantly to our portfolio companies’ fundraising efforts
  • We optimize the company’s value in an exit situation via an organized selling process


These are our values, traits and practices we exhibit with our portfolio companies and investors:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Always approachable
  • Reliable
  • Win-win and fair solutions
  • Monthly updates and annual in-person investors events

“Skin in the game”

Flashpoint’s team’s personal money is invested in our funds; in fact, our team is our largest limited partner.

Our limited partners breakdown by amount invested is as follows:

  • Flashpoint’s team: 15%
  • Family office: 31%
  • Private individuals: 54%