June 9, 2022

Online conference for SaaS companies from Emerging Europe, Finland & Israel

in a nutshell

We strive to deliver an exceptional event for
the early-stage venture & SaaS communities

5 tracks

Vertical Saas (construction, real-estate, logistics, etc.),
Horizontal Saas (productivity, sales, HR, support),
Developer Tools (R&D productivity, product analytics, DevOps), Fintech, New Economy (Gig economy, Web3)

20+ investors

Top-tier seed investors from Israel, CEE, Baltics, Finland, CIS, and Greece

25 startups

Rising SaaS companies
in swiftly growing
technology verticals

1000+ guests

Hundreds of executives and tech professionals across Emerging Europe and Israel


The event is hosted by Flashpoint, an alternative asset manager investing
in late-seed and beyond from Venture Capital, Venture Debt and Secondary Buyout funds.

SummerSaaS is an online event for seed stage SaaS companies with founders from Emerging Europe and Israel. We want to give the best seed companies an opportunity to pitch top-tier funds.

This year we also have a new pitch track for Ukrainian tech startups, where the winner gets a monetary prize. We also offer an opportunity for to choose a paid ticket, the proceeds of which will also go to the winner.

How it works

Pre-selection process

Flashpoint team identifies 5 SaaS companies per technology track within seed & late-seed stage maturity parameters*

*MRR between $10k and $100k and/or raised between $0.3m and $3m

Pre-Final VC panel

A selected group of 25 startups will present before a VC panel with 1 winner from each track progressing to final

Grand Finale VC panel

A selected group of 5 finalists will present before a Grand Finale VC Panel to select the best SaaS pitch

Winner Announcement

The winner is awarded sponsor prizes from Flashpoint portfolio companies and leading technology enterprises

Our 2022 Jury, Speakers and Panelists


9 June 2022 / Thursday
all-time is BST / London

10:00 – 15:00
NETWORKING LOUNGE – you are welcome to join any time


9:45 – 10:30
Opening remarks

Alex Konoplyasty
General Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital

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10:30 – 10:45
SaaS Venture Capital Trends and Insights

Ivan Draganov
Senior Innovation Analyst at Dealroom

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Unbundling European and Israel angel investing

Deep dive into separating EU and Israeli tech angel investing ecosystem. What’s similar and what’s different in each ecosystem. Where our super angels hunt and what does it can catch a unicorn?

Alex Konoplyasty
General Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Ran Tushia
Board Member at Easy Payment Gateway

Jared Schrieber
Founder & former CEO at Numerator

Bas Godska
Founder & General Partner at Acrobator Ventures

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International Financial Institutions in European Tech

Understanding the current market conditions in the private markets, as the public capital markets continue on a downward trajectory, especially in the tech sector, how does this affect valuations, new investments and supporting emerging funds in the EU tech space going forward

Michael Szalontay
General Partner at Flashpoint

Małgorzata Walczak
Investment Director at PFR Ventures

Bakhrom Ibragimov
Head at EBRD Venture Capital

Bjorn Tremmerie
Head of VC and Impact Investing at European Investment Fund

Dénes Jobbágy
Chairman & CEO at Széchenyi Alapok

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Tech Cyprus: Exploring the Opportunities

Cyprus IP Regime and Relocation Incentives

Christina Economou
Business Development Director at Trident Trust

Marilena Stylianou
Senior Manager at Trident Trust

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Corporate panel: Emerging Europe tech winning the world market

Discussion around how technology companies from Emerging Europe & Israel is rapidly shaping the tech ecosystem and creating more Unicorns than ever before

Donatella Callegaris
Managing Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Adam Kostyal
Board Member at Nasdaq

Sander Van de Rijdt
Co-Founder & Co-CEO at PlanRadar

Mikayel Vardanyan
CPO & Founding Partner at Picsart

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Venture Debt product: why is Venture Debt under-represented in CEE

Why are we seeing less venture debt in CEE compared to the US or Western Europe? During the panel, we will try to find answers to the challenges with providing venture debt to CEE incorporated companies or why CEE companies are more debt averse than their western counterparts?

Denis Mosolov
Managing Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Michael Schuster
Partner at Speedinvest

Rafał Celej
Partner, Advocate at Kondracki Celej

Tomek Kasperski
Founder & CEO at Omnipack

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Will ESG increase my value?

Jan Dauman
Advisory Board Member at Ocean14 Capital

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How to ace a marketplace

Building a successful marketplace business is notoriously difficult. We’ll talk here about the success stories of some of the best entrepreneurs on the market

Lukas Harustiak
Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Stefan Batory
Cofounder & CEO at Booksy

Josh Crossick
Chief Product Officer at Preply

Stas Matviyenko
CEO at Allset

Peter Bialo
CFO at DocPlanner

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Digitalisation of Venture Capital

VCs usually use tools that already existed in the 90s: email, Excel, and Powerpoint. But as companies and technologies become more advanced and complex, shouldn’t VCs adapt as well? Modern VC firms are buying into this notion and are becoming technology companies of their own, integrating different tools into complex workflows and building their internal solutions. We will discuss what challenges are hidden under the hood of this process, what are the demands of VCs and what direction we should move forward

Marton Medveczky
Investment Director at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Harry Thomas
Investment Manager at Beringea

Shamillah Bankiya
Investor at Dawn Capital

Anton Ask Åström
Analytics at EQT Ventures

Dr. Andre Retterath
Principal at Earlybird Venture Capital

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Venture Scouting in Europe

Venture scouting and angel programs have been on the rise with several prominent European VCs launching their programs in the last few years. We will discuss how these programs work across different markets and what are the ideal scouts profiles. How much money can you make as a scout and what are the compensation schemes options?

Dmitry Smirnov
Investment Director at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Dima Sarle
Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker at Earthians

Madeline Lawrence
Associate at Peak

Paul Zoicas
Business Development Manager at
The Private Investment Group

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10:00 – 10:45
Pitching session for seed/late seed startups in Vertical Saas track

Construction, real-estate, logistics, etc.

Ilja Velickis
Investor at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Ekaterina Gianelli
Partner at Inventure

András Molnár
CEO at  Portfolion

Todor Breshkov
Managing Partner at Launchub Ventures

Ondrej Bartos
General Partner at Credo Ventures

Juha Ruohonen
Managing Partner at Superhero Capital

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10:45 – 11:00
Shifting Left on Compliance

Early-stage startups have started to test security from the early development stage, rather than the pre-launch stage. Not only does this reduce time in iterations and re-development, but it also shows a rise in the importance of security in early-stage product development. Does this compliance-first approach help companies scale with ease? Let’s talk! 

Girish Redekar
CEO & Founder at Sprinto

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11:00 – 11:45
Pitching session for seed/late seed startups in Horizontal SaaS track

Productivity, sales, HR, support

Dmitry Smirnov
Investment Director at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Julien Coustaury
Managing Partner at FilRouge

Michael Schuster
Partner at SpeedInvest

Elina Halatcheva
Managing Partner at Brightcap Ventures

Max Filipov 
General Partner at GR Capital

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11:00 – 12:00
Sprinto Networking Lounge

Team Sprinto is here to discuss how compliance can become your competitive advantage. If you want to know more about compliance or want to understand the best ways to tackle security questionnaires, this is the place for you! 

12:00- 12:45
Pitching session for seed/late seed startups in Developer Tools track

R&D productivity, product analytics, DevOps

Marton Medveczky
Investment Director at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Maciej Małysz
Partner at Inovo Venture Partners

Dan Calugareanu
Partner at Early Game Venture

Premysl Rubes
Managing Partner at Presto

Omri Green
Partner at Dell Capital

Vital Laptenok
CEO at F1V

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Trident Trust Networking Lounge

Meet the experts from Trident Trust who will evolve your business

Christina Economou
Business Development Director at Trident Trust

Pitching session for seed/late seed startups in Fintech track

Alexey Sidorov
Investment Director at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Marcin Kurek
Managing Partner at Market One Capital

Andreas Nemeth
Managing Partner at UNIQA Ventures

Apostolos Apostolakis
Partner at Venture Friends

Gyula Feher
Managing Partner at Oktogon VC

Karol Szubstarski
Investment Director at OTB Ventures

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14:00 – 14:45
Pitching session for seed/late seed startups in New economy track

Gig economy, Web3

Oz Hassine
Investor at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Zsolt Weiszbart
Partner at Day One Capital

Michal Zalesak
Managing Partner at Lighthouse Ventures

Eva Arh
Partner at 3VC

Filip Felician Dames
 Founding Partner at Cherry Ventures

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14:00 – 15:00
An hour with VC session

Join us to network with other startups and get advice from the VC’s

Ilja Velickis
Investor at Flashpoint Venture Capital

14:50 – 15:35
Pitching session for tech startups operating in Ukraine

Chili Piper is the sponsor of the Ukrainian pitch track award

Arthur Castillo
Field Marketing & Community at Chili Piper

Dmytro Kuzmenko
Executive Director at Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA)

Borys Musielak 
Managing Partner at SMOK VC

Ewa Chronowska
Partner at Next Road Ventures

Sami Ahvenniemi
General Partner at Vendep

Wojciech Drewczyński
Partner and Head of Acceleration at Black Pearls VC

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Grand Finale

Grand Final for pitch competition

Anton Fedorov
Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Alex Konoplyasty
General Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital

Rexhi Dollaku
Partner at Base10

Natalie Refuah
Partner at Viola Growth

Enis Hulli
General Partner at 500 Startups

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